Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ohio Police Pursuit Ford Truck And Wild Shootout (Dashcam Video)

Texas Police Pursuit Dodge Durango With A Hemi (Dashcam Video)

Texas Police Pursuit Colorado Murder Suspect Shootout With Police

New Mexico Police Chase Passenger Jumps Out At 90+ MPH (Dashcam Video)

Police Chase 12yo GTA 5 Master In Stolen SUV (Dashcam Video)

Humping Dogs Photobomb Live News Cast (Uncut Aerial Footage)

UK Police Pursuit Motorcycle Over 130+ MPH (Dashcam Video)

Utah Highway Patrol Head On Crash With Lexus (Dashcam Video)

Police Chase Hot 22yo Girl, A Hitch Hiker & His Dog In Stolen RV

Ohio Police Pursuit Ends In Massive Crash (Dashcam Videos)

Orlando, Florida Police Pursuit Of White Lexus (News Update)

New Mexico Police Chase Female Walmart Shoplifter (News Update)

Monday, March 4, 2013

12-12-12 High Speed Police Chase - HighSpeedPursuits

Police Chase Stolen Police SUV Ends In Huge Crash (Dashcam Video)

Police Chase Stolen School Bus (Dashcam Video)

Teen Walks 10 Miles In Snow & Ice For A Job Interview (Just A Good Story)

Police Chase Dodge Magnum Shooting AK-47 At Police (Dashcam Video)

Mark 'Dogg' Hussey Blizzard 2013 - Pushing Snow Like Tony Montana

2 Innocent People Shot In Torrance In Ex-Cop Manhunt - Christopher Dorner

Christopher Dorner Legal Papers Challenging LAPD Download Link

Las Vegas Strip Shooting Cell Phone Video Of Cab Explosion

Christopher Dorner Killed In Gunfight When Sheriff Deputies Set Cabin On...

Christopher Dorner Shootout Caught On Video

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Police Chase Stolen Cop Car (Dash-cam Video)

Traffic Stop For Littering Then Police Feeling Out Two Women (Dash-cam V...

Police Chase Ambulance Cop Vs EMT's (Dash-cam Video)

Police Chase Stolen Car White Pontiac Grand-Am (Dashcam Video)

Police Chase Stolen Police SUV Ends In Huge Crash (Dashcam Video)

Police Chase Stolen Lexus LS400 (Dashcam Video)

Police Chase Bank Robbers In Mini Van

Police Chase White Van Full Of People (Dash-cam Video)

Police Chase Shooting Suspects Two Armed Women

Police Chase Stolen Dodge Charger With A Hemi (Dashcam Video)

Police Chase Woman Crash Kills Her 7 Year Old Daughter (Dashcam Video)

Police Chase Light Blue Lexus Armed Burglary Suspects (Complete Chase)

Police Chase Light Blue Lexus Ends With Manhunt For Driver